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One week!

In a few days the best SBX riders in the world will be gathering in Bariloche. We are getting ready to welcome them as they deserve. YOU CAN'T MISS IT #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

Eva Smkova

We are waiting for you Eva! The Check runner is, with no doubt, one of the fastest, strongest and most technics riders in the circuit. She’s always in the final runs and one of Checks promises. #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

The future of Italy!

Omar Visitin it’s one of the runners you’ll always find in the finals. He’s always pushing hard in every circuit with guts and a thought mentality. We are waiting for you Omar! #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

We are working at Punta Princesa on the track!

From the 6th to the 10th we’ll be hosting the SBX world cup. We are working at Punta Princesa on the track. Good snow is guaranteed. #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

Just one month!

The world cup is round the corner. Some of the best riders in the world have confirm their presence. The next month the world will be heading to Catedral. Argentina National Team, Steven, Simon and Tomas, is waiting for you! #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

World's flags

The countdown has began and more tan 20 countries had already sign in. The first and second Snowbard Cross World Cup dates look promising, What are you waiting for? #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

Pisten Bully 600

Introducing the new Pisten Bully 600 fully dedicated to this World Cup Snowboard Cross (SBX). We are on the Countdown! #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

Pierre Vaultier

Pierre Vaultier is one of the French figures of the World Cup Tour. World number one and last winner of the Olympic Games and owner of a unique technique makes a demanding and difficult circuit looks a normal run. Wellcome! #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

The girls are coming to!!!

Michela is one of the great runners in the circuit. The italian born is a strategic runner and a great starter. Bariloche is waiting for you Michela! #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

World Cup 2017

In order to host a World Cup date Catedral organized a Demo Event in 2016, and It was definitely a great success for that reason FIS authorized the candidacy for a World Cup #CatedralWC17 #Bariloche #RacingPatagonia

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